Mary’s dance "career" started in June 2012 when someone suggested belly dance was good exercise to strengthen core muscles. Eighteen months later, Mary’s back no longer hurts and she met some amazing, talented people along the way. This is her first and only dance experience. We work hard and have loads of fun along the way. I'm very fortunate to be associated with Divinity and Divine Chaos and look forward to the future.


Following a suggestion from her physical therapist, Jami started taking bellydance classes in January of 2013. She had her first exposure to dance from a studio in Tempe, AZ, Plaza de Anaya. The studio gave Jami the opportunity to try a variety of beginning bellydance styles such as Arabic, Egyptian, Gypsy Skirt, Oriental, Turkish, ATS and a diverse selection of tribal fusion forms from various teachers.
     Jami soon found herself drawn to the energy and style of movement from what she was learning in class while dancing with the women of Divine Chaos Tribal.  She focused on learning their ‘language’ of bellydance through weekly classes and home practice.  In the spring of 2015 Jami was invited to join Divinity Tribal, the student Troupe for Divine Chaos Tribal. “Whether it be practice or performance, time dancing with these incredible women I call my sisters is very special, unique, empowering, and original, every time!” Jami is looking forward to the future with Divinity Tribal and excited to be a part of the DC Tribal Fusion Family! 

Christine's start in dance actually began with Polynesian dance in Northern California.  After performing for several years through high school and college, she explored other styles like African and ballroom, but once she saw a local bellydance competition she was hooked.  She has taken classes in cabaret but found the group improvisational style of tribal to be most appealing.  After moving to Phoenix she looked everywhere for something similar and found Divine Chaos at Plaza de Anaya.   Christine has taken classes for two years with Divine Chaos and knows that this creative group of beautiful women is the place to be! 

Adaiah started belly dancing in Atlanta, GA after her doctor told her she needed to exercise to help with her high blood pressure. In Atlanta, Adaiah found Ziah Ali, Director of Awalim Dance Company. New to tribal style, Adaiah jumped in with a passion. After moving to Phoenix, AZ, Adaiah took classes with Natium World Dance, Kamalah and Domba before finding her home with Divine Chaos. She fell in love with the "non-traditional" tribal fusion style as well as with all the members. Her health is improved, her blood pressure is stabilized and Adaiah is proud to be a part of the unique DC style.

Leslie has been dancing most of her life. She began with ballet at age 3, then added jazz and tap. After college she began dancing with a tribal style dance teacher within the Society for Creative Anachronism, a medieval and renaissance recreation group. When her instructor moved away, she branched out, taking classes with local teachers Yasmina, Samia and Heidi from Domba. After a few years off to have babies, she returned to her dance home at Plaza de Anaya and took classes with many of the instructors there, finally settling in with Divine Chaos and Divinity. In addition to tribal belly dance Leslie also studies other dance forms including Flamenco, Persian Classical, Turkish Rom, Bollywood, ballet fusion, jazz fusion and burlesque plus any workshops that come through town. She is very glad to bring her wide experience and love of sisterhood to Divinity.


Melissa has been enamored with dance since childhood. However, she did not take classes until 2011, when through a series of adult dance classes, Melissa discovered it was belly dance and Indian styles of dance, including Bollywood and Bhangra, that truly captured her heart. And it was the excitement of group dances in these styles that sent her over the moon. After Melissa’s adored belly dance instructor moved out of state, Melissa came across Divine Chaos, and began taking classes. She met others just like her, who welcomed her and supported her without reserve. And, she was introduced to a new language of cues that she had never learned before. Although she knew it would take a lot of work to learn this new language, she immediately knew she was home. Melissa is grateful for the twist of fates that brought her to DC and Divinity, and looks forward to dancing with her dance sisters for years to come, working to improve her skills, and sharing in the excitement of the dance.

Divinity Tribal